Sunday, March 24, 2019

I'll Build You a Rainbow

My mom passed away nearly 13 years ago. She was an amazing woman who though imperfect was the perfect mother for me. She loved unconditional, served tirelessly and taught me to love the Lord.

Her death was unexpected as she died from an aneurysm at the age of 55. When she passed away her life was in order. It was far too soon and she was way too young but I saw God's hand in the events of her passing and that brought me comfort. It was a defining time in my life. Either the gospel was true and I would see my mother again or it wasn't and she was gone. The experiences I had solidified my testimony and knowledge that families are forever. I will see my mother again. She raised me right and taught me what I need to succeed in this life. I'm forever grateful that God blessed me with wonderful parents.

There is an old video called I'll Build You A Rainbow. It always makes me cry. I had a mom like Jaime's. I've tried to be that kind of mother to my children. I've succeeded wonderfully in some ways and failed miserably in others. In this video, a rainbow is a sign that reminds Jamie of his mother but for me, it is actual rain. My mother loved the rain. There have been a couple experiences I've had where rain let me know my mother was present. I know that families are forever and that my mother lives. She's in a better place likely busy serving others as she did in this life. I will see her again someday. I'm grateful for this knowledge.

The one thing I have wished is that my mom would have written in a journal. I wish on days I'm missing her or struggling or needing counsel and advice that I could read about her struggles, thoughts, and experiences.

I myself have been very sporadic in keeping a journal. My friend writes a blog she calls Dear Kids. It's her way of documenting the things that happen in their lives and sharing counsel and advice to her children.

A recent health scare got me thinking of my own mortality. If I pass away at the same age my mom did that doesn't leave me very many years left on this earth. I have felt impressed to start recording some of my thoughts, beliefs, and experiences.

So that's what this blog is. A place where when I feel impressed to do so I will share my thoughts, struggles, and experiences so someday my kids or grandkids will be able to know how much I loved them, loved the Lord and loved life.

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